Group D lak dan tura rawtna pawm

Chief minister Zoram­thanga hoa August 9, 2019-a Cabinet room-a Council of Ministers ṭhu­khawm chuan, Group D staff lak dan tura rawtna thar a pawm.

Cabinet meeting chuan, Group D staff lak dan tur kalphung rawtna lut chu a ngaihtuah a, written exam leh interview-in mark 50% ve ve (100+100) púin, personal interview turin post pakhat hnawh khah turah mi panga zel koh ni se, tih chu an pawm a ni.

Cabinet thu pawm dangte

•Draft Mizoram Fire Emergency Services (Superintendence and Control of the Fire Force and Fire Safety and Prevention) Rules, 2019

•Enhancement of financial assistance to World War-II Home Veterans and Widows and 2nd Assam Regiment Disband Personnel

•Mizoram Ancient Monuments and Remains Rules, 2003 siamṭhat (amend) tura ruahmanna

•Amendment of the Mizoram Anatomy Act, 2019 (Act No. 9 of 2019)

•The Mizoram Prevention and Control of Water Pollution (Procedure for Immersion of Idol) Rules, 2019

•Mizoram Factories (Amendment) Rules, 2019

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