Mimal tan MLA fund hman theih a ni lo GPC-in MLA fund hman phalsak loh a nei

Mizoram sorkar term liam ta, 2013-2018 chhung khan MLA 

ṭhenkhatin an MLA fund hmanna tura an tih, Assembly General Purpose Committee (GPC)-in a phalsak tâk loh an awm. MLA fund hman theih dan chungchanga dilna leh zawhnate GPC-in a chhannaah, MLA fund chu mimal thil atan hman theih a nih loh thu tarlan a ni.

Mizoram, sorkar term kal lai mekah MLA ṭhen­khatin all India service /central service ni tura coaching kalte ṭanpuina atan MLA fund hman an tum thu an sawi tawh a; chutih laiin, MLA fund hmanna tur kaihhruaina bu tharah hman phalsakna hmuh tur a awm lo.

Vanglaini-in RTI Act hmanga MLA fund chungchang Plan­ning & Programme Implementation depart­ment-a a dilnaah, zirlaite coaching class kalna senso leh zirlai harsa 

ṭanpuina atan hman theih a nih leh nih loh zawh a ni a; Planning depart­ment SPIO chhan­naah, Guidelines on MLALADS copy thar ber, July 15, 2019-a tihchhuah thil tel a ni.

Guidelines on MLALADS thar berah hian a hmaa awm lo thil pahnih/khat chauh telh thar a ni. Guidelines-a zirlai kaihhnawih inziah­na, Annexure-I: 'Illustrative of list of works that can be taken up under MLALADS' tihah thil chi hrang 23 a awm.

Kaihhruainaa zirna lam hawi deuha ngaihte chu - No. 1-ah, 'Construction of educational buildings' tih te, No. 7-ah, 'Public reading rooms or study rooms or village library' tih te, No. 22-ah, 'Assistance to health and education institutions in the form of GIA' tihte a ni. Annexure-II: List of work not permissible under MLALADS tihah thil panga a lang a; No. 1-ah private school tan hman phal a nih loh thu a chuang bawk.

MLA fund hmanna tur thil ṭhenkhatah dan angin hman theih a nih leh nih loh sorkar official-te'n Planning & Programme Implementation depart­ment hnenah an zawt a; chu'ngah chuan Planning lamin GPC sawifiah turin Assembly Secretariat-ah a thawn chhâwng leh hlawm.

Assembly GPC-in zawhnate a sawifiahnaa a lan danin, MLALADS kaihhruaina ang chuan, MLA fund hmangin damdawi lei leh clinic hawn chu a remchan loh thu te, MLA fund chu mimal atan hman theih a nih loh thute a lang.

Kum 2013-2018 chhunga Mizoram As­sem­bly term-ah MLA 

ṭhenkhatin MLA fund an hmanna chu Assembly GPC-in a ngaihtuah hnuah hman chhunzawm lo tura tih a nei a; GPC hian thil paruk a ngaihtuah a ni.

(Phek 2-ah zawm a ni)

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