Guide Captains training khâr

Sports and Youth Services department-in State Training Centre, Tanhrila September 7 aṭanga Basic Course for Guide Captains Training an buatsaih chu nimin khan zawh a ni a; nimina a kharna inkhawm chu Mizoram Bharat Scout & Guides state commissioner K Lalthawmmawia, School Education director-in a hmanpui.

Khârna inkhawmah hian state organiser Lalnunsiami Pachuau-in training chhunga an tihte leh dinhmun tlangpui a sawi. Training-ah hian district hrang hrang aṭangin zirtirtu 25 an tel a; Mizo Higher Secondary School aṭangin service ranger paruk awmin, course staff pakua an awm bawk.

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