Mizo customary law zirho

North Eastern Social Research Centre (NESRC) chuan nimin khan I&PR Conference Hall-ah 'The Gender implication of Mizo customary law' tih zirchianna an buatsaih.www.vanglaini.org

Workshop hi Dr Lalrindiki Ralte-in a kaihruai a, Prof. Lalnghakṭhuami, Aizawl Theological College-in inlawmna thu sawiin, NESRC director Dr Melvil Pereira-in inhmelhriattirna hun a hmang. Chawhma lamah 'Customary law leh hmeichhiate' tih thupui zirho a ni a, chawhnuah 'Customary law leh hmeichhiate dikna chanvo' tih zirhoa sawiho a ni.www.vanglaini.org

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