District 2-ah Children's Day

Serchhip District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) chuan nimin khan Zoar Urban Deprived Children’s Home leh Unity Orpha­nage Home-ah Children’s Day leh World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse an hmang.

Lawngtlaiah pawh DCPU huaihawtin Universal Children's Day hman a ni a, Lawngtlaia covid care centre (CCC)-a enkawl mek Covid-19 vei naupangte hnenah thilpek an hlàn. Lawngtlai DCPU hnuaia naupang enkawlna - Lairam Mo­ther­less Home, Lairam Child Adoption Centre leh Lawngtlai Observation Home-ahte Day pualin hun an hmang bawk.

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