Selesihah Veterinary Pathology Congress 2019 ṭan

Nimin khan College of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Selesihah Veterinary Pathology Congress 2019  ṭan a ni a, vawiin leh naktukah chhunzawm a ni ang.

Congress hawnna inkhawmah hian Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fishe­ries University (KV AFSU) vice chancellor Prof. HD Narayanaswamy khuallian a ni a; Central Agricultural University, Imphal vice chancellor Prof. M Premjit Singh leh Michigan State University, USA-a mi Prof. Matti Kuipel-te chu khualzahawm an ni.

Veterinary Patho­logy Congress 2019-ah hian mithiam 100 vel an tel a; programme chi thum - 16th Annual Conference of Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists, 10th Annual meeting of Indian College of Ve­terinary Pathologists leh, Advances in Veterinary Pathology for Fostering on Health, Food Security and Environment Protection tihte an hmang dawn a ni.

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