Manipur BJP in a ruala vote in thlaksakna thleng tih sawi Inthlan ṭhat an ngiat

Manipur Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) chuan state chief electoral office (CEO) kaltlangin Election Commission of India hnenah complaint an theh lut a, ralthuam keng misual eng emaw zat chuan midang vote ai vote an thlak sak niin an sawi.

Chief minister N Biren Singh chuan polling station tam takah ralthuam keng misual ten midang vote ai vote an thlak tih report an dawng tih sawiin, ECI hnenah pawh hemi chungchang hi an thlen tawh thu leh inthlan ṭhat an ngiat thu a sawi a ni. 

Chief Minister hian hetiang thil thlenna polling station erawh a sawilang lo thung.

Lok sabha inthlan thawh khatna Ningani liamtaa neihah khan Manipur-ah hian Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency-ah inthlan hi neih a ni a, hill district 10 velah leh valley district pathuma polling station 1,562-ah inthlanna hi neih a ni.

Manipur LS inthlan thawh khatnaa venhimna kalpui tur hian central security force company 90 chu state chhungah dah luh an ni a, heti chung hian ralthuam keng misual ten vote an thlak sak tih report hi a awm tho a ni.

Report ṭhenkhat chuan vote in thlak sakna hi Kangpokpi district-a Saikum Assembly segment-a polling station parukah te, Chandel district a station pali-ah leh hill area eng emaw zatah a thleng niin an tarlang.

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