Kolasib College-a project pahnih hawng

Kolasib College-a Physics leh Chemistry department-a Major Research Project tihna tur chu nimin khan college principal, R Lalduhawma'n a hawng.

Kolasib College-a Major Research Project tihna tur hi UGC aṭanga sum hmuh hmanga bul ṭan a ni a; Physics department-ah hian 'Study of photofield emission by using the projectin-operation method of group theory and band structue calculations' tih hmangin research project ṭan tur a ni a, hemi atan hian UGC aṭangin Rs. 10,85,800 hmuh a ni.

Chemistry department-ah chuan 'Hydro-geochemistry of Tuichhuahen River - the main source of supply water for Kolasib and Bilkhawthlir towns of Mizoram' tih project kalpui a ni dawn a; Kolasib leh Bilkhawthlir khuain an tlan Tuichhuahen lui tui zir chian a ni ang. He project tihna atan hian UGC aṭangin cheng nuai 11.65 hmuh a ni.

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